Orange offers to talk unlimitedly for only 20 AMD daily fee with its new “With Each Other” option

22-05-2013 15:47:07   | Armenia  |  Science and Technology

Starting from today, Orange offers to join its voice services and activate its new “With Each Other” option to create a community with 1, 2 or 3 other persons and to talk within the community unlimitedly for only 20 AMD daily fee. 

Orange existing and new Let’s Talk prepaid customers as well as customers of Butterfly, Dolphin, Panther monthly subscriptions can create their “With Each Other” community, and include in it whoever they wish, whatever the Orange offer used. To do so, Orange customers will just need to send an SMS to the short number 140, mentioning in the text the phone number of the customer they want to talk unlimitedly with. New and existing customers of Let’s Talk prepaid service will pay a 20 AMD daily fee and will communicate with each other unlimitedly during the whole day. As to Dolphin, Panther and Butterfly customers, the use of the service will be free of charge. 

«Thanks to this new offer, all our customers are
getting the possibility to talk unlimitedly with those people whom they are calling the most, independently whether they live in Yerevan or in the regions. In any person’s contact list there is 1, 2 or 3 close persons, whom we call really often. Those who will join Orange or are already our customer will be able to talk with these persons as much as they wish for a small daily fee», noted Francis Gelibter, Orange Armenia CEO. 
«We are sure that this offer will be interesting for a lot of people – it’s an ideal solution for members of family, small companies, close friends and couples. This is a completely innovative offer as prepaid and postpaid customers can be in the same community, having a complete freedom», noted Aram Mkrtchyan, Orange Armenia Marketing Director. 
Calls outside of the community will be charged according to the specific tariff plan of the customer’s subscription. 
Existing Let’s talk customer will be able to activate their “With Each other” Community against a 500 AMD joining fee. For Dolphin, Panther and Butterfly customers, the activation of the service will be free of charge. 
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