Orange announced two innovative initiatives: Internet Café offer for occasional internet users and recycling of old modems

26-09-2013 15:03:13   | Armenia  |  Science and Technology
Orange launched a new prepaid internet tariff plan for those who need internet from time to time and do not need it permanently. “Internet Café” offer, the internet per minute offer of Orange, will be available to inhabitants of the regions of Armenia, and will allow customers to surf on the internet at 1Mbps speed by paying just 1 AMD/minute rate only for the minutes they used. 
«This is a completely innovative product on the Armenian mobile broadband market to address the specific needs of those who badly need internet but need it from time to time not permanently. There are still people, especially in the regions of the country, who do not have internet connection at home and go to internet cafés or to computer clubs to get access from time to time. With this new offer, in fact, we bring the internet café into the house of the customers, so that they can read news, communicate with their relatives and close ones through Skype, Odnoklassniki, Facebook or other social networks when they need it », noted Aram Mkrtchyan, Orange Armenia Marketing Director. 
Customers of “Internet Café” will pay a 100 AMD connection fee at the moment of the first connection during a day, which will allow using the service till the end of that very day. The Internet Café account can be easily recharged by scratch cards, electronic top-up, payment terminals or by visiting Orange shops, Haypost branches, etc. 

In parallel to this marketing innovation,  Orange also announced about a major initiative as a responsible corporate entity with the start of buying back and recycling of used Orange Internet Now modems from October 1st. Through this initiative, Orange customers who have purchased an Internet Now modem in the past and do not use it anymore, can bring their modem to Orange shops and get 3000 AMD reward in cash. These modems will be thoroughly refurbished and commercialized once again. Thanks
to this initiative, Orange customers will not only get a certain sum of money for a device they do not need anymore, but also participate in the recycling of these devices and support the preservation of the nature. Starting from October 1st several Orange shops will receive back used modems, the list of the shops will be extended in the future.
«The recycling of devices is a very important direction in terms of preserving nature and using its resources correctly. It is important to understand that when we through away a device, we indirectly harm the nature. Today we propose to our customers to consider this fact and to give a second life to their modems. In the same time they will receive an incentive reward from Orange. This is a very common practice in western
countries and we are happy to be the first to introduce it in Armenia», Nazareth Seferian, Orange Armenia CSR expert, noted.
This project, which is still a pilot, will give the possibility to Orange customers to bring back their used, but still working modems up to the end of 2013. 
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