Owing to the cooperation of VivaCell-MTS and BirthLink, the specialists were presented with a new method of respiratory therapy

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Joint workshop for the neonatology specialists on the use of neonatal care equipment and devices 
Neonatal intensive care equipment worth of about AMD 50 million provided to 9 health care facilities of Armenia 
Today VivaCell-MTS hosted a special workshop for neonatology specialists of 9 health care facilities across Armenia. The workshop was aimed at training and upgrading the skills of medical staff on the use of special neonatal care equipment and devices developed for saving the lives of infants in unexpected complicated cases before birth, and after early deliveries. The participants of the workshop were the medical specialists from the maternity hospitals of Vedi, Sisian, Gyumri, Kapan, as well as the maternity hospitals and departments of Muratsan University Hospital, the Institute of Reproductive Health Perinatology, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Erebouni Health Center, Shengavit Medical Center, and Nor Nork’s Surb Grigor Lusavoritch Medical Center.
As a result of cooperation between VivaCell-MTS and the British “BirthLink” non-governmental organization the mentioned maternity hospitals were equipped with: 
1) Intensive Care Cots, 
2) Bubble CPAP devices, 
3) Nasal high flow systems, 
4) Infusion pumps, 
5) Pulse oximeters, 
6) Oxygen Therapy systems, etc. 
The maternity hospitals and departments were provided by different sets of the above mentioned equipment and devices based on the assessment of their needs. 
''It's the sixth year already since we started implementing the project, and the pilot implementation has shown that there is a notable decrease in infant mortality rates. Hand in hand with Birthlink we have managed to provide equipment to maternity hospitals in various regions and Yerevan, as well as organize trainings to help medical specialists in their efforts to fight different complications and diseases and to save the lives of infants. It has been already proven that this was a really important intervention. We can’t stay only as passive observers while the lives of many newborn are at risk,” says VivaCell-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian.
4 million babies die in the first month of life throughout the world, with three quarters of these deaths in the first week, and more than one million on the first day of life. The program with VivaCell-MTS concentrates on the first day of life, to ensure each maternity facility has the right knowledge and equipment to prevent some of these deaths.
Equipment has been provided to support sick and low birth weight babies after delivery, with provision to stabilize babies before transfer to Yerevan or regional centers. By improving facilities, transfer of some babies can be avoided. Health facilities are now equipped with necessary equipment and skills necessary for fighting infant mortality rate.
Overall, only this year, neonatal intensive care equipment worth of about AMD 50 million was provided to health care facilities of Armenia.  

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