The new academic year at UWC Dilijan.

5 years of giving

06-09-2019 16:15:43   | Armenia  |  Press release

September 6, Dilijan. The new academic year has started in UWC Dilijan. The college opened its doors to 117 new students and now has 226 students in total coming from more than 80 countries. The teaching staff was expanded by new specialists and now consists of 36 teachers from 15 countries.
This year will mark the 5th anniversary of UWC Dilijan. Since its opening in 2014, UWC Dilijan grew and gained strength together with the modern-day Armenia. In five short years, the college made a journey from a mystery grand construction site to an integral part of the city, a member of the UWC movement, an important player in the region and an active
participant in the development and internationalization of Armenia. And hospitable people of Dilijan continue to welcome a diverse international community and make UWC Dilijan’s staff and students feel at home.
With the support of many people and organizations connected with the college, here is what UWC Dilijan is today:
388 alumni from 105 countries
36 teachers from 15 countries
45 co-curricular social projects
500+ donors
$26 mln in scholarships
60 alumni returning to volunteer
3000 local kids attending co-curricular projects and events 
Over 2019-2020 academic year, as the school celebrates its 5th anniversary, it has an opportunity to evaluate the past achievements and to chart a course for the next stage of its development. The ambition is to make an impact personally – on the students; locally – on the Dilijan community; and globally – contributing through the power of education to a more peaceful, equitable and sustainable world.  UWC Dilijan will be focusing on maintaining the world-class quality of its education and delivering diversity of its student body. 
“One of UWC Dilijan’s biggest challenges was to align the school's global mission with the authenticity of its host country in order to become “a
force to unite people” within the school community, Dilijan, Armenia, and the UWC movement, – says Gabriel Abad Fernández, Head of College – It seems to me that a huge amount of work has been done, and  we continue to work so that the impact of UWC Dilijan’s values-driven education will be enabled by strengthening mutual responsibility, intercultural understanding and a focus sustainability at a personal, community and global levels”.
  -   Press release
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