Armenians and Armenia in the 21st Century: A Strategy for Long-Term Development

ARPA Institute 25th Anniversary Conference and Banquet
2017-07-15 21:40:26  | USA  |   Science and Technology | 263   
10:30 - Introduction Hagop Panossian, Ph.D., President of ARPA Institute Mihran Agbabian, Ph.D., Conference General Chair, USC, AUA 10:40 - Keynote Speaker Yervant Zorian, Ph.D., Pres. Synopsys Armenia & Chief Archtct,

Meet Ashkhen and Ani: Two Armenian Women Making Strides in the 3D Printing Industry

Ashkhen Hovsepyan, Ani Abgaryan Lead in 3D Printing Technologies
2017-03-17 16:54:14  | USA  |   Science and Technology | 2655   
By Lori Boghigian   3D printing is a growing industry, and Ashkhen Hovsepyan and Ani Abgaryan set a goal to make it more accessible. With unique backgrounds in physics and digital

Armenia’s students won a brilliant victory in the USA

2016-04-18 15:25:29  | USA  |   Science and Technology | 1697   
  Ayb School’s robotics team has returned home from the renowned National Robotics Challenge, which took place in Marion, US, from April 7-9, with a silver medal as well as

The NKR Permanent Representative to the USA Delivered a Speech at the Columbia University

2015-03-10 16:18:30  | USA  |   Science and Technology | 2904   
On March 4, Permanent Representative of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic to the USA Robert Avetisian participated in the event entitled “The Nagorno Karabakh Republic, Artsakh: Challenges and Achievements in

The Ayb High School’s robotics team received a special prize in the USA

2013-04-17 16:44:47  | USA  |   Science and Technology | 582   
VivaCell-MTS allocated AMD 14 million of assistance to the robotics project of Ayb School  The Ayb High School’s robotics team, sponsored by VivaCell-MTS, had a successful participation at the Fire

Richard Hovannisian in Active Fall Schedule. Smyrna/Izmir

2012-12-11 08:52:26  | USA  |   Science and Technology | 941   
      Professor Richard Hovannisian has focused on the 90th anniversary of the destruction of Smyrna/Izmir and its Armenian Community in 1922 in his speaking engagements during the Fall Term. Smyrna,

ArmTech 2012 Launches in Silicon Valley

2012-12-10 18:57:26  | USA  |   Science and Technology | 465   
  CALIFORNIA, USA – ArmTech Congress 2012, conceived under the theme of ‘learning from the past and inventing the future’, launched today in Silicon Valley in California, USA. The Department

Introducing “” - The new voice of Armenia’s Information Technology (IT)

2012-12-10 01:46:45  | USA  |   Science and Technology | 575   
  Stanford University: “,” the new voice for the Armenian information technology business sector, will make its digital debut at the ArmTech Congress 2012 at Stanford University. The innovative, monthly,

Microsoft presented Windows 8

2011-06-07 12:13:35  | USA  |   Science and Technology | 561   
One of the leaders of Microsoft Stiven Sinovski demonstrated new version of Microsoft Windows at the D9 Conference.Codenamed as "Windows 8". The Windows 7 Basic theme has been

Google. The addresses of Gmail are broken

2011-06-02 12:16:58  | USA  |   Science and Technology | 536   
Chinese hackers succeeded in gaining hundreds of addresses of Gmail service illegally and give to Google Company. Malefactors, for stealing passwords of Email addresses, used the so-called fishing (theft