Attention for Chinese specialists, experts and specialists of the translated in Russian language, unique version of the book “Book of the changes” written “Iczin” or Yu. K. Shucki(1960).

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Felix Da

nielyan's Author's Calendar, which has been in operation since 1998, has been renamed "EVERYTHING IN TIMES" in 2017 for future events.

The calendar is spread over an extremely limited range of individuals and presents monthly information on the general time series of the lunar month (one of 64), as well as lists the typical days of the given lunar (eight-year pattern of the Eastern year) and a note 64 Types of Qualitative Differences in NAVs (

There are two

versions of times: one line - the name and essence and some detailed text to distinguish mark changes.

The EIT calendar is the result of 30 years of individual author surveys based on the scientific discovery of 64 types of qualitative differences across time zones, which serve to verify and discover real-time compliance.

Can serve as a methodological guide to the moral and ethical upbringing of the human being through the natural influence of Chinese Dao, as a unique “perpetuum mobile” of vital energy.

At the same time, the use of a square (8x8) matrix with 64 elements suggested, which explains the strict mathematical sequence of their scheme from 1984 to 2043.

In this way, the Calendar will radically change the perception and outlook of the human being, and may serve as the beginning of a third global scientific revolution.

P․S․The passages of time serve to reveal the real causes of events in the system of highly generalized all things of the development of a unified process.

Applications for those who wish to subscribe will be considered if a resume is available (e-mail: [email protected]).

September 21, 2019



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