“Viber Stickers”: say it with a sticker

18-01-2020 14:47:07   | Armenia  |  Organizations

Bright-colored stickers ma
ke communication more interesting, chatty and colorful, and on this occasion, Viva-MTS introduces another interesting solution to its subscribers. Only Viva-MTS subscribers get the opportunity to use Viber's best paid stickers for fixed 200 Դ monthly fee (VAT included) until January 31, 2020 inclusive.
In order to use the service, Viva-MTS subscribers need an active Internet service and active “Viber” account installed from PlayStore or AppStore.
As a next step:
- Visit the following link: https://viberstickers.mts.am and follow the instructions; or
- Click on a respective advertising link in “Viber” application, and follow the instructions.
Communication with stickers gradually becomes trendy in the digital platforms. Both young people and adults prefer to chat with each other via stickers, especially if they are attractive and funny. Viva-MTS prepaid and postpaid subscribers can subscribe to the Company's new “Viber Stickers” service.
The core advantages of the service are the opportunity to use paid stickers for a fixed monthly fee without additional charges, regularly updated stickers pack and use without commercials.
In order to deactivate the subscription ones should take the following actions:
- Visit: https://viberstickers.mts.am, go to “My Account”, and press “Unsubscribe”;
- Send an SMS
with the word “Stop” to the short number 1020.
The service is available in roaming. When in roaming the fee for the service is charged in accordance with the tariff set for the Internet and SMS to number 1020 in the given country. When using “Viber” (in local and international networks) the fee for the consumed Internet is charged according to the tariffs set for the subscriber’s current tariff plan.
For details visit www.mts.am and for questions call 111 hotline or send an email to [email protected] or [email protected]
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