One of the families in Lori province has moved to a new house

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The Jaghinyan family from Stepanavan town has gone through many hardships. Armine Manukyan, a young woman who lost her husband 11 years ago, raised five children in desperately poor conditions. The house bought 15 years ago has become a real threat ready to collapse any moment. The adjacent houses were demolished three years ago increasing the chances of collapse. Wooden logs have been the only
measure against the perspective of being left under the derbies and the hope for a safer life for children.
“There used to be adjacent houses in the territory designed for a military district. The neighboring houses were demolished, leaving the house belonging to Jaghinyans ‘hanging in the air’, with only the wooden logs to support the structure. The house could collapse at a blow of a wind were it not for this effort. Over the years, all had turned into a ramshackle, and there was nothing left: neither normal flooring nor windows or doors. The roof was leaking. I used to put buckets to prevent the house from flooding. It was extremely damp and dangerous here, both in the daytime and in the evening, during rainy weather or the snowmelt. I was afraid to go to bed, and was grateful to be alive in the morning,” said family mother Armine.
Everything has changed for the Jaghinyan family now. Armine’s son had tried to find a solution when he was back from the army.  Viva-MTS and the “Fuller Center for Housing” Armenia assisted the family to ensure it had a new and a safe house. As a result of the joint project by Viva-MTS and the “Fuller Center for Housing Armenia”, the family got rid of the memories of living in a house soon-to-collapse. Five months ago, the Jaghinyans moved to a new home.
Armine, who used to live with her husband’s parents, and later
in a ruined building, has finally found the opportunity to live peacefully in the new home together with her children. The need for cosmetic renovation in the house is not a problem for her. The family has already celebrated their first New Year and enjoys the positive change.
As a result of the partnership with Viva-MTS and the Fuller Center for Housing Armenia, 25 families have been assisted in Lori region.
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