The line of defense of the Armenian people today passes through the territories where at least one Armenian family lives

08-06-2020 17:15:16   | Armenia  |  Press release

World War III, continuing from the
1970s-1980s to this day and directed against states and nations, mankind and humanity, has now entered an even more decisive and brutal stage. (1)
Accordingly, it should be recognized that for the Armenian people, the line of defense and self-defense today runs not only in the regions where there are Armenian communities, but also in places where at least one Armenian family lives. (2)
The world confrontation has taken such a form in which there are no ways for peaceful civilians to escape, retreat or migration, and this applies to all parties — both provoking conflicts and provoked victims of these conflicts.
One has to forget the opportunity to take documents, collect valuables and go somewhere, because there are simply
no more such places left to go.
It is so because, starting from the 1990s, first the Balkans, then the Greater Middle East, the Caucasus and Central Asia, Afghanistan with neighboring territories, either became on fire, or became sitting on a powder keg.
And it becomes clear that the provocation for the spread of chaos, carried out in California, will be applied also in Europe, Eurasia and other regions of the world. (3)
Therefore, it is necessary to move from sole decision making to the idea of collective decision making. No panic.
It is necessary to plan, organize and implement universal protection and self-defense of Armenians. Following the example of the Lebanese Armenians.
If necessary, one should rely on the Decision “On the Permanent, Armed, Positive Neutrality of the Armenians of Western Armenia and Western Armenia” dated March 29, 2011 and the 51st article of the UN Charter on “The Right to Individual and Collective Self-Defense”. First of all, it is necessary to ensure the right of Armenians to life in order to further think about the realization of the rights to development and progress. (4)
The Republic of Western Armenia appeals to all partners, friends and supporters, to the citizens of Western Armenia around the world, to organize meetings and consultations with the Armenian spiritual, social, political and other circles in order to prepare the Armenian people for decisive, organized and comprehensive self-defense.
The historical experience of the May victories serves as a good example for building a secure future for the Armenian people.
Tigran Pashabezyan
Prime Minister of the Republic of Western Armenia (Armenia)
June 1, 2020
It is noteworthy that June 1 is an International Children’s Day. Let us protect our children and our future with them.
Translated into English by Vagan Babakhanyan
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