WHO-backed medical staff arrived in Armenia from Italy to support Armenian healthcare system

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11 medical workers have arrived in Armenia from Italy to support the Armenian healthcare system with
in the framework of the humanitarian mission.
The medical workers arrived in Armenia within the framework of the cooperation between the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health. Deployment of the Regione Piemonte EMT has been facilitated through the European Civil Protection Mechanism. For more than a week they have been working
in Armenian hospitals where patients with Covid-19 diagnosis receive treatment. 
Besides directly treating severe cases, Italian specialists, led by doctor Mario Raviolo, are providing trainings to the local health professionals on various subjects ranging from treatment of COVID-19 associated health complications, to infection prevention and control measures and COVID-19 diagnostics. 
“The team of Italian medical workers is classified by WHO as a member of the Emergency Medical Team (EMT) initiative which is aimed at establishing a global network of pre-qualified emergency medical teams capable of providing medical assistance during emergencies. WHO classification of the team means it has been accredited as compliant with the international WHO standards of being capable of directly treating patients” noted Egor Zaitsev, the Head of the WHO Country Office in Armenia. 
The team will be intensively working in Armenia for three weeks, and then will continue to support Armenian frontline healthcare workers with trainings and professional advice.
The Italian doctors have been followed by their German and Polish counterparts, that have expressed readiness to support Armenia in response to the WHO's global call.
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