The RA Human Rights Defender congratulated his newly appointed colleague in Artsakh

26-03-2021 11:11:17   | Armenia  |  Press release

I heartily congratulate Gegham Stepanyan on his election as Artsakh Human Rights Defender
The Ombudsman's institution in Artsakh is a symbol of a just legal claim for the rights of the Armenians of Artsakh, and an indicator of democracy.
Despite the cessation of hostilities, the aggressive anti-Armenian policy of the highest authorities of Azerbaijan, the open rhetoric of the genocide, compel us to act with the realization that
the state of war has not ceased.
Therefore, it is imperative to act with unceasing vigor, and to continue to record all of the violations of rights, so as to promote the protection of the rights of our compatriots living in Artsakh.
Throughout this war, Mr. Stepanyan's day-to-day professional efforts and work ethic brought about significant contributions to the fact-finding work regarding the ethnic cleansing of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, their war crimes, and their crimes against humanity.
I am convinced that as a Human Rights Defender, Gegham Stepanyan will act on this principle with the established and professional team of his staff.
Personally, on behalf of the entire staff of the Human Rights Defender of Armenia, I express my readiness in full, to continue our joint work for the sake of Artsakh's democracy, and for the guarantee of the rights of each and every one of Artsakh’s residents.
Arman Tatoyan
The Human Rights Defender of Armenia
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