Viva-MTS has increased its social investment for housing

2020-09-23 14:35:58  | Armenia  |   Organizations | 59   
    The number of families included in the housing project has increased. Viva-MTS, hand in hand with the “Fuller Center for Housing Armenia”, has increased its investment to a possible

For the first time in Armenia and South Caucasus region: Viva-MTS partners with Microsoft to launch the world-leading Azure Stack cloud platform

2020-09-18 10:50:15  | Armenia  |   Organizations | 74   
  Viva-MTS, the leading telecommunications operator in Armenia pre-launches the Azure Stack cloud platform. This is not only the first introduction of the cloud platform in Armenia but also the

Another village in Syunik has been illuminated. A post-Soviet times problem has been solved

2020-09-16 18:54:27  |   |   Organizations | 84   
    No stumbling anymore in the darkness of the night in Vaghatin village: Viva-MTS and the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC) here too, have tackled

Recharging Viva-MTS account balance is now available from a Russian mobile number

2020-08-19 15:45:01  | Armenia  |   Organizations | 118   
    Viva-MTS is glad to inform that now the subscribers of the Russian mobile operators “MTS”, “MegaFon”, “Beeline”, and “Tele2” can easily recharge the account balance of their Viva-MTS subscriber

Ucom Paid AMD 6,875,000 and $ 93,750 as Coupons of USD and AMD Bonds

2020-08-17 17:46:04  | Armenia  |   Organizations | 136   
On August 17, 2020 Ucom paid AMD 6,875,000 and USD 93,750 as the coupons of Ucom corporate bonds. These bonds are the first ones by Ucom, issued within the

Viva-MTS: “Recharge+”: now for up to AMD 2000

2020-08-13 18:06:48  | Armenia  |   Organizations | 128   
    Viva-MTS informs that from now on, within the “Recharge+” service one can continue using Viva-MTS services for up to AMD 2000 instead of AMD 1500 before.   By the way, the

Ucom’s Employee Awarded the Medal “For Cooperation” of the Investigative Committee of the Republic of Armenia

2020-08-13 12:10:43  | Armenia  |   Organizations | 147   
Recently, an employee of Ucom N. Harutyunyan was awarded the medal “For Coopeartion” of the Investigative Committee of the Republic of Armenia, making Ucom the first corporate entity to