2021-04-05 16:24:56  | Armenia  |   Science and Technology | 25   
On April 5, 2021 a memorandum of understanding was signed between Ucom and the National Olympic Committee of Armenia. The purpose of memorandum signing is the cooperation within the


2021-04-02 17:51:27  | Armenia  |   Press release | 34   
Ucom has opened the range of the Premium class «nice» phone numbers at special prices via its online shop. The Premium class phone numbers can be ordered only at


2021-04-02 17:33:44  | Armenia  |   Press release | 31   
  From now on, the residents of private houses wishing to benefit from Ucom fixed services will be connected to the fastest fixed network in Armenia in accordance with the

Ameriabank Got Quality Excellence Award 2020 from Raiffeisen Bank International

2021-03-30 18:42:24  | Armenia  |   | 38   
  Ameriabank got Quality Excellence Award 2020 (Straight-Through Processing Quality Award) for high quality of intenational money transfers. The award ceremony was organized by the Austrian Raiffeisen Bank International. Raiffeisen

The search for artistic expression in times of uncertainty Visual Arts Exhibition at UWC Dilijan

2021-03-29 11:20:27  | Armenia  |   Social | 46   
    March 29, 2021, Dilijan. A Visual Arts exhibitiontitled Fauhaus: a Retrospective was opened at UWC Dilijan featuring 27 artists from all over the world (Armenia, Syria, Estonia, The UK,

The RA Human Rights Defender congratulated his newly appointed colleague in Artsakh

2021-03-26 11:11:17  | Armenia  |   Press release | 48   
I heartily congratulate Gegham Stepanyan on his election as Artsakh Human Rights Defender.   The Ombudsman's institution in Artsakh is a symbol of a just legal claim for the rights of

FRV reaches financial close with IFC, EBRD, and Ameriabank for the largest Utility Scale Solar Power Plant in Armenia

2021-03-26 11:00:35  | Armenia  |   Press release | 48   
    ▪ 55 MW Masrik-1 Solar Farm will produce enough clean energy to supply more than 20,000 homes and avoid the emission of over 40,000 tons of CO2 annually. ▪ The

Why Did the Superior Court Reject Governor’s denial of Sassounian’s Pardon. Harut Sassounian

2021-03-24 12:35:47  | Armenia  |   Articles and Analyses | 46   
        Last month, California Superior Court Judge William C. Ryan rejected Gov. Gavin Newsom’s refusal to accept the Parole Board’s decision to release Hampig Sassounian from jail. I was under

Ucom testing up to 1 Gbit/sec network

2021-03-20 12:30:30  | Armenia  |   Organizations | 41   
Ucom, which provides communication services through the fastest fiber-optic network in Armenia, is testing the capabilities of up to 1 Gbps internet as well as of the latest Wi-Fi

Republic of Armenia Office of the High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs Launches “Step Toward Home”

2021-03-18 14:08:25  | Armenia  |   Press release | 45   
  Diasporan Armenian Youth Invited to Develop Personal Relationship with Armenia During Two-Week Summer Program   The Republic of Armenia Office of the High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs launched “Step Toward Home”

Harut Sassounian. Azerbaijan Sold 500 Tons of Weapons To the Repressive Regime of Congo

2021-03-17 10:26:32  | USA  |   Articles and Analyses | 48   
      This is the surprising story of Azerbaijan, a country that buys weapons from others for its own needs, selling tens of millions of dollars of weapons to a Central

Republic of Armenia Invites Diaspora Professionals to Serve in Public Sector

2021-03-16 14:18:09  | Armenia  |   Press release | 43   
  “iGorts” Offers Unprecedented Opportunity for Diaspora Armenians to Lend their Expertise in Armenia’s State Institutions   The Republic of Armenia’s Office of the High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs launched the “iGorts”

Artsakh Kids Received Gifts from London

2021-03-16 12:04:57  |   |   Press release | 46   
    NK Shoebox Appeal from London and Future is Now NGO in Yerevan are happy to announce that in February all 1,192 shoeboxes were successfully delivered to displaced children of

Harut Sassounian. Why Are Aliyev, Erdogan and Putin Siding With Armenia’s Prime Minister?

2021-03-12 13:20:08  | USA  |   Articles and Analyses | 63   
        As the situation in Armenia is getting more chaotic on a daily basis, baseless accusations are becoming a common practice. It is no longer possible to distinguish fact from

Interview with Kakhaber Kiknavelidze, Independent Board Member of Ameriabank

2021-03-12 13:10:49  | Armenia  |   Press release | 55   
We suggest watching independently of Ameriabank Board Interview with Kakhaber Kiknavelidze about the Bank's activities, development prospects and new

Statement of the Center for Reparations of an expert conclusion to the ECHR on war in Artsakh

2021-03-12 12:52:01  | Armenia  |   Press release | 137   
On reparation of an expert conclusion for the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR)  against the Republic of Azerbaijan   Headed by the Nobel Prize Nominee in Economics and Peace, Doctor of Economics,

Musician Abel Kyureghyan releases a new music video on his song “My Little Girl”

2021-03-08 10:58:08  | Armenia  |   Social | 74   
    Musician, song writer and instrumentalist Abel Kyureghyan has released a new music video on his song “My Little Girl”. The composition, which tells a story about family relationship and

Global Finance Names Ameriabank Best Investment Bank of the Year in Armenia

2021-03-06 11:33:23  | Armenia  |   | 50   
  Ameriabank has won Global Finance’s “Investment Bank of the Year 2021” nomination. The award was given based on achievements in a number of important areas, such as the bank's

IDBank asks its clients who have taken part in the hostilities to contact the Bank before March 31

2021-03-04 18:57:15  | Armenia  |   Press release | 63   
    IDBank asks its clients who have taken part in the hostilities to contact the Bank before March 31 and present an application and a reference from the military registration

‘Unexploded’ Russian Missiles in Artsakh Cause a Political Explosion in Armenia.Harut Sassounian

2021-03-04 11:28:00  | USA  |   Articles and Analyses | 51   
Words have meanings and consequences as Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan found out when he told a journalist last week that the powerful Russian Iskander missiles, supposedly fired by Armenia

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