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"Noyan Tapan" Information - Analytical Center
The "Noyan Tapan" Information & Analytical Center was founded in 1991 on the crest of the mounting tide of independence movement.
Ever since the Center has been committed to its only principle: to be independent, unbiased and professional. On the very first days of its foundation "Noyan Tapan" established ties with different mass media of the world with a view to disseminating news and information about Armenia in as many countries of the world as possible.
"Noyan Tapan's" text and photo news have been available to Internet users since 1995 and video news since 1998.It is no coincidence that in 1999, participating in the "SARD '99" contest, "Noyan Tapan's" Internet page won the top prize for the best community relevance.
The "Noyan Tapan" news page is considered to be the most readable first of all for Armenians all over the world.
In 2000, "Noyan Tapan" won the BID quality international gold prize.