Oleg Smirnov: “Ukrainian diplomats gradually realize that they should avoid pro-Azerbaijani foreign policy”

18-07-2011 13:45:31   | Armenia  |  Interviews
“Serzh Sargsyan’s visit to Ukraine is a vivid example that the heads of the two countries are ready to the active development of political and economic relations,” the expert Oleg Smirnov announced this during the conversation with Analitika.at.ua. According to the expert the important condition for the improvement of the relations between Kiev and Yerevan is the absence of serious disagreements between the two countries, as well as the positive experience that the two nations live together. Besides, the Ukrainian diplomats and the authority gradually realize that they should avoid pro-Azerbaijani foreign policy, at the same time developing the multi-sided cooperation with the countries of the South Caucasus. As to Ukraine’s mediation in the regulation process of Karabakh issue, the participation of the official Kiev is hardly possible not only without the support of Armenia and Azerbaijan, but also OSCE Minsk Group members such as France, Russia and the USA. At the same time Ukraine can quite effectively support the progress of the regulation process during it presidency in OSCE in 2013. For that reason we need to offer such a variant of the regulation which firs of all will promote the establishment of peace,” said the expert.
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