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Noyan Tapan Media Holding has been operating since 1991.
It includes։
The "Noyan Tapan" information and analytical center (1991).
Noyan Tapan Weekly (1993)
Noyan Tapan Publishing House and Printing House (1995)
Noyan Tapan Television (1997).
The "Noyan Tapan" Information and Analytical Center has been operating since 1991. Since 1995 it has been running (, which is one of the first Internet sites of the Republic of Armenia and the first Armenian-language site in the world.
Subscribers receive full daily news by e-mail 2 times a day.
Noyan Tapan Highlights" English weekly newspaper is the first and currently the only English-language weekly newspaper in Armenia. Published since 1993, it publishes analysis and information on the most important events taking place in Armenia and abroad. Among the subscribers are foreign ambassadors in Armenia, heads of companies, foreigners who do not speak Armenian and Russian).
Noyan Tapan" Publishing House has been operating since 1991, the printing house - since 1995. In recent years "Noyan Tapan" Publishing House has published and printed thousands of books and brochures, magazines, newspapers, etc., including our weekly newspaper The Noyan Tapan Highlights.
The Noyan Tapan Media Holding has been in the field of TV since 1997. In 2003 it has not been on air since July for political reasons, and the RA authorities have not yet restored the legal rights of "Noyan Tapan".TV.
Since 2021 it is authorized by the RA Television and Radio Commission, certificate of authorization No. 044).
As of November 2023, "Noyan Tapan" prepares daily TV programs: interviews, discussions, debates, speeches, etc., which it distributes։
a/ With three YouTube channels (currently about 300,000 subscribers and five million views per month).,,
b/ Noyan Tapan TV channel, which broadcasts on cable networks operating in and outside the RA (24/7).
As of November 2023 "Noyan Tapan" TV program is broadcast։
In Armenia։ with Team Telecom, Arpinet, I-Net, Interlink, Planet, H-Net, Meganet and 14 other cable TV channels in Yerevan and throughout the country.
Outside Armenia։ with American TV channels AABC (Los Angeles), Noor TV Networks (Fresno), Armount (Las Vegas) (5 days a week, one hour a day live, interactive) and ConnectTo TV Box (24/7.) ).
Director of "Noyan Tapan" media holding (NT Holding LLC).
Tigran Haroutiunian, PhD
Address: 28, Isaakyan str., Yerevan, RA,
Tel. +374 55 509050
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