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Noyan Tapan advertising opportunities and prices.
TV advertising   
Interview with company representatives to be broadcast on "Noyan Tapan" TV channel and "Noyan Tapan" Youtube pages. - AMD 120,000.
5-15 sec. placement of a promotional video at the beginning of all our programs - AMD 1,200,000 per month.
Advertising on "Noyan Tapan" TV channel - up to half a minute, 10+ times a day - AMD 600,000 per month.
Advertising up to 5 seconds. In each program, in the lower right corner of the screen, in the form of a business card: AMD 80,000.
Press conference, press release by e-mail, live broadcast on "Noyan Tapan" TV channel - AMD 60,000
Advertising on the website
Banner placement on "Noyan Tapan" website AMD 50,000 per month.
News and PR support. By paying AMD 350,000 RA per year, you get a media support package that includes:
a/ Posting all press releases you send to Noyan Tapan's website and delivering to all our news subscribers.
b/ Coverage of events you have organized. (2 annual events)
c/ Organizing a TV show with your representative. (2 programs per year).
Newspaper advertising
Advertising and information in the English weekly newspaper The Noyan Tapan Highligts. Price: AMD 200 per square centimeter. (The Noyan Tapan Highligts English weekly newspaper is the only English-language weekly newspaper in Armenia and has been published since 1993. It publishes information and analysis of the most important events taking place in Armenia and abroad. Among the subscribers are foreign ambassadors in Armenia. Among the subscribers are the ambassadors of foreign countries in Armenia, heads of companies, foreigners who do not speak Armenian and Russian).
Printing: Booklets, leaflets, guides, brochures - prices on request.
  You can apply for advertising placement:
Address: 28 Isahakyan str., Yerevan, RA,
Tel. +374 55 509050
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