Vahakni Town Starts "Innovation Green" Phase 1 of Its Smart City Plan

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Hovnanian International (HI), developer, owner and operator of Vahakni "Taghamas", Armenia's first self-operated, self-contained gated district, announced today its first phase of an overall smart city plan with the start of construction of a 500kW photovoltaic solar plant slated to begin operation within 6 months. The project is engineered by Solar Group.
The 500 kW PV solar plant is being financed by Ameriabank CJSC within its finance lease. Considering the importance of “Green” projects, finance has been provided on preferential terms under the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) relevant program. 
The solar plant will provide approximately 25% of the overall Vahakni total
electrical usage. HI has in its sight set on being 100% powered by sustainable energy through the implementation of solar, wind, energy efficiency and ultimately waste to energy cutting edge technologies in Vahakni. 
"Vahakni's shift towards innovative technologies for energy and beyond is our obligation towards today's global goals to reclaim environmental balance for our planet." said Nina Hovnanian, CEO of HI, "Our ambitious plans for Vahakni go far beyond this Phase 1 sustainable energy implementation as we strive to become a cradle for the Armenian "Hi-Tech" landscape." Hovnanian added. 
Solar Group has implemented a commercial project of 500 kW station constructed with micro-inverter technology which is the largest in Armenia.  This technology puts emphasis on higher efficiency, safer system design and lower costs. The number one priority was to offer a safe system with the help of an innovative technology.  
"We are proud to be part of Vahakni’s "Innovation Green" initiative. It is very nice to see that more and more companies and residential communities are turning to green and renewable energy.
We have offered a unique and novel solution to Vahakni the result of which you will see very soon. Solar Group is always ready to make the most complicated wishes of our customers a reality" said Aleksandr Grigoryan, CEO of Solar Group.
Solar Group plans to continue cooperation with Vahakni town in the sphere of renewable energy and be involved in their green projects. 
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