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23-02-2021 17:35:49   | Armenia  |  Press release

Armenian SPRING PR company started new 2021 year enrolling in one of the largest international professional networks - World Communication Forum Association, based in Davos, Switzerland. 
Tatevik Simonyan, the co-founder of SPRING PR company, assures that the cooperation with the World Communication Forum Association is especially important within the scope of becoming a part of the international professional community and being able to respond effectively to the nowadays challenges. 
“Currently we work on projects not only located in Armenia, but also out of its borders, as the communication has become global. We continuously enlarge our portfolio of international cooperation, ensuring exchange of experience in the sectors of finance, production, education, culture and tourism. We are engaged in implementing strategic communication, media monitoring, discourse-analysis and other sectors. Today well-done and purposeful communications are becoming more essential than ever before”,- mentions Tatevik Simonyan.
Maxim Behar, WCFA President says: “We warmly welcome SPRING PR as our new member. Participation in the World Communications Forum Association is a great opportunity not only for the company, but also for the Armenian Public Relations business to be represented international in a very high level. I know personally Tatevik Simonyan for years and I am sure she will be excellent and very active supporter of WCFA great professional projects.” 
Together with its partners, large international PR agencies, SPRING PR implements various projects agreed in respective memoranda of cooperation, in the markets of Great Britain, Europe, Georgia, Russia, Africa
and UAE. 
SPRING PR aims to promote the development of the field and to shape a new working culture. During its 12 years of working experience the company has been implementing various projects, events, training and master classes along with the international partners. 
In 2020, SPRING PR company signed a Memorandum of cooperation with the Bulgarian M3 Communications Group, Inc. headed by Maxim Behar. Fruitful cooperation reinforced the new level of partnering relations which led to the enrolment in the World Communication Forum Association. 
This opens new opportunities for implementing modern methodologies and forming a correct and ethical communication field and professional platforms through the exchange of experiences among the professionals.
On 25th of February the annual Davos Communications Summit will be held online organized by the World Communication Forum Association under the title of “Leadership During Turbulent Times.”Tatevik Simonyan, the co-founder of SPRING PR, will participate in a panel discussion on “Education: Its Present, its future” along with the leading specialists in the field of communication with  her “PR identity - loading changes. The future is now” report. 
Link: https://bit.ly/3oUPI3A
SPRING PR is an award-winning PR and research company founded in 2009 specializing in the spheres of strategic communications, reputation management, events’ organization and researches. The company cooperates with a number of local and international large, medium and small enterprises, state institutions, non-governmental and charitable organizations. 
SPRING PR is a part of global PR community, with professional involvement in such reputable international organizations as the International Public Relations Association (IPRA) and the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR). 
Over the years, SPRING PR and its team have received top awards and recognition, including C4F Davos Awards (Communication for Future Davos Awards), IPRA Golden World Awards, Eventiada IPRA Golden World Awards.  
It is worth noting that in 2019, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of SPRING PR, Yerevan hosted the biggest event in the sphere of PR - Golden World Awards 2019 of the International PR Association (IPRA) and the Gala Dinner. About 120 experts, representatives of state agencies, executive officers of big companies, communication specialists from more than 50 countries arrived in Armenia.  
In June 2020, SPRING PR signed two other memorandums of collaboration with its international partners  Stratcomm Africa, Jasper Alliance London Limited, European M3 Communications Group. Inc,  and the  Georgian PR Consulting Group.  
WCFA is first about individuals who have the ability to think global, act global. Every such individual is an ambassador who not only represents her/his
region or organization on this truly global platform but also aspires to be the frontrunner in the development of the global communication culture. WCFA aims to contribute actively to the development of the modern public communications worldwide. 
Key areas of activity 
• Forming a cross-border and cross-cultural community of professionals and increasing its strong global influence via an agenda focused on communications, media, public relations, branding and leadership. 
• Proceeding from the idea of communication as a key factor in the development of the humanity and aiming to intensify the the research of future specifics: new behaviour models, educational models, recognition and influence. 
• Supporting young professionals by financing cross-national internships for students from communications schools. 
• Supporting the annual World Forum "Communication on Top" in Davos as a platform for discussion that shapes the global communications agenda and foresees the influence of different media channels on society, business and the communications industry.
  -   Press release
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