Viva-MTS’ first Armenian language game and the new character in stickers

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Telecom industry is not viewed as a provider of purely voice and data services any more as it goes beyond connectivity. Following the industry’s emerging trends that evolve the market, Viva-MTS introduces its first Armenian language mobile game called “Sis-Masis”. What’s more, as per numerous requests by users who enjoyed “VivaCell-MTS’ first sticker pack” in cooperation with Viber, the second “Viva-MTS sticker pack” is now available in the sticker market with a new male character and “Sis-Masis” game’s heroes are the stickers’ male and female characters.
Development of the male character was not off-the-cuff decision but Viva-MTS decided to meet its users’ expectations and created the long-awaited sticker pack. The new stickers give the opportunity to communicate in Armenian in an emotional and funny way, particularly to invite a friend for a coffee, open the season of famous Armenian dish “khash”, and express emotions.
How to download new Viva-MTS stickers?
One can download the stickers from the Viber sticker market free of charge. The stickers are available under the name “Viva-MTS Stickers” and have no limitation on use. 
They are available till May 06, 2020 and after the indicated date the stickers will no longer be available for downloading from the store but users will still have them on their smartphones. It is recommended to back up the sticker pack to be able to restore it in case of changing the smartphone. When downloading the stickers, the chat-bot will greet and subscribe the user to the “Sis-Masis” game.
How to play “Sis-Masis”?
The game is fun and easy to play: the user should choose one of the familiar characters of Viva-MTS stickers (male or female character), and jump from one platform to the other by swiping right or left on the screen. One can reach new heights, collect virtual coins, receive daily awards and opportunities, use them during the game to get power-ups, invite friends to join the game, and become the top player in the game’s leaderboard. The game has several levels, where the characters of the game jump in different outfits, including Armenian national dress (taraz), overcome challenges and in the final level get the chance to reach the virtual summits Sis and Masis.
The game is available in Armenian and English for subscribers of Viva-MTS and other mobile operators. The game is intended only for users of the “Viber” mobile app. When playing “Sis-Masis”, Viva-MTS subscriber balance is charged for Internet usage based on tariffs set by current subscriber tariff plan. Subscribers to other operators are kindly requested to contact Internet service providers.
With the privacy right of subscribers in mind, the subscription to the chat-bot can be deactivated by pressing on the name of the chat-bot and turning off the option of receiving messages.

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